4ft/6ft Soccer Net Bundle 3pc (2 Pack) - US Only

SKU: GS2002

UNIQUE FRAME DESIGN】 - unique knockdown design featuring 7mm foldable fiber glass rods with bungee cords for extra strength & pliability.

QUICK ASSEMBLY/DISASSEMBLY】 - the soccer goal net can be assembled & disassembled in under 2 minutes.

UNSURPASSED PORTABILITY】 - put all the pieces together in a 17x18x4 inches draw string bag, take this super portable soccer net bundle almost anywhere with pop-up simplicity. Practice quickly & easily with the portable soccer nets which are great for teams, home practice where you can use the soccer nets for backyard, park or even take them to the beach.

BONUS SOCCER BALL】 - soccer net bundle includes official size 4 nylon wound soccer ball with pump.

MONEY BACK & LIFETIME WARRANTY】 - so you can buy in complete confidence.




The SteadyDoggie Soccer Goal Bundle 3pc comprises of a pair of either 4 foot or 6 foot nets, an official size 4 soccer ball with pump all of which can be carried in a convenient drawstring backpack with dimensions of just 17.5 x 13.5 x 4 inches. The all in one soccer kit in a backpack is achieved through an innovative design of the goal frame which reduces the product size for great portability whilst maintaining easy assembly and disassembly within 2 minutes.

These pop-up goals bring soccer action to any backyard, park or training ground in a matter of minutes. The compact goals allow for easy maneuverability & portability between a wide range of different locations.


Have your star strikers hit the goal scoring charts as they find the back of the net every time thanks to all the training they’ve put in. This goal bundle can also double up as a small sided, 2 touch mini soccer goals ensuring your players are passing and moving freely until they hit the target.


These pop up goals come in pairs, each with a size 4 ball and carry bag to store both goals away at the same time. Each of these nets have three extra long 8 inch pegs for securing the net in windy conditions and for holding the ‘goals’ fired into them. Each pair of nets have a spare peg.


It takes 2 minutes to assemble and disassemble the goals. Please refer to the attached instructions manual. The fiber glass rods are held together by bungee cords which swing out in seconds to form two poles which are then inserted into the sleeves on each side of the net. Bend the poles so the ends form a 90 degree angle and insert into the L brackets, screw in the knobs to secure the shape. To disassemble, unscrew the knobs with your grasps firmly on the fiberglass poles and remove the L brackets. Both nets, their fiber glass poles, soccer ball and pump can be carried in the provided knapsack with drawstrings and is perfect for those people short on space and ready for soccer action.                      


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