• waterproof lightweight microfiber golf cap with 30 golf tees
  • waterproof lightweight microfiber golf cap with 30 golf tees
  • waterproof lightweight microfiber golf cap with 30 golf tees
  • waterproof lightweight microfiber golf cap with 30 golf tees
  • waterproof lightweight microfiber golf cap with 30 golf tees
  • waterproof lightweight microfiber golf cap with 30 golf tees
  • waterproof lightweight microfiber golf cap with 30 golf tees

Waterproof Lightweight Microfiber Golf Cap with 30 Golf Tees (US Only)

$32.00 $19.95

(20 customer reviews)

Golf Cap with 30 Golf Tees Premium Quality Waterproof Lightweight Microfiber with Individual Outlets on each of 6 Panels New USA Stars & Stripes 3D Silk Embroidery

  • WEATHERPROOF GOLF CAP ENGINEERED FOR PROTECTION Against the Elements with Performance and Comfort
  • GOLF CAP OF PREMIUM POLYESTER MICROFIBRE Treated for Effective Dispersal of Wind, Water and UV Protection
  • NEW USA STARS & STRIPES EMBLEM, THIS GOLF CAP has 6 Panels with Individual Eyelets on each Panel for Ventilation Keeping you Cool on Hot Days
  • STRETCH FIT & ADJUSTABLE BUCKLE STRAP CLOSURE You Will Look and Feel Good On and Off the Golf Course
  • THIS GOLF CAP INCLUDES A BAG OF ECO FRIENDLY GOLF TEES, 15 x 2.25 Inches and 15 x 2.75 Inches long

Product Description


This Waterproof Golf Cap by SteadyDoggie Sports and Outdoors is a classic hat with a contrast pre curved underbill engineered for style and comfort whist keeping the weather elements at bay.


The fabric is that of a high quality polyester microfibre treated with an effective repellent for wind and water. Durable, lightweight and breathable coupled with the 6 panel design on the crown with individual eyelets, this golf cap is a winner on and off the golf course.


This golf cap is Silk embroidered with a new USA Stars and Stripes emblem, it will look and feel as good on a night out with friends. This is great for outdoor games, hiking, bike rides, base ball, tennis and jogging throughout the seasons.


This golf cap comes with a bag of eco friendly 30 golf wood tees.


  • Shipping weight: 6.1 ounces
  • Golf tees: 15 x 2.25 inches and 15 x 2.75 inches


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20 reviews for Waterproof Lightweight Microfiber Golf Cap with 30 Golf Tees (US Only)

  1. CJ

    Super cool set, I got the Tees and I love the color, very bright, durable and well made, Dad got the Ball Cap, it’s waterproof and really holds up after getting wet, Very well made products, both the hat and the tees. Great Gifts from mom.

  2. Mike Chelette

    I love hats! For me, they are just so cool to have and to wear. I already have several collections where I can have choices of what to wear on different occasions. And now, this nice looking golf cap is already an additional choice for me. I think this may become one of my favorites. This is very comfortable to use. It is nice to have a cap like this that would battle your way through a hot summer day. Wearing a golf cap that is weatherproof and lightweight like this particular brand, will be a simple yet effective way for you to keep your head cool. Goodbye to sweaty a head when Mr. Sun’s blistering rays are hitting you. It is really light that sometimes you may even forget that you are wearing it all. This also protects your head, your eyes, and your face from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The back strap of this cap is very much adjustable to fit your head. It is a one-size fits all cap! I really like the quality of this cap. The design is also very nice. I am patriotic to our country so having the American flag on it is a plus for me. This can match most of the outfit you may wear. This is definitely one of the best caps I have.

  3. Amazon Customer

    This was provided as a gift from the company. I really appreciated the generous gift, which turned out to be quite nice. It is a quality golf cap.

  4. Holly Braun

    My husband loves this hat and first time he tried it on he said “that fits great” looks good because of the fit too.

  5. Mark

    Love my new hat, it fits extremely well, I golf and most hats don’t fit well with the sunglasses I use when I golf. It isn’t a light paper flimsy type of hat. This hat seems to be durable I would say. I was very impressed I got this package/hat yesterday which was also a great test because it was raining, no problems with it.

  6. C. Johnson

    I wasn’t really sure what to expect and admit that I didn’t read reviews for this item like I normally do, more of an impulse purchase. The quality is very good, and as other have mentioned the embroidery is great. I don’t play golf, and found this to be an awkward combination. I guess the seller of this product wants buyers to understand that this hat is designed for golfers. With that said don’t hesitate if you just need some stars and stripes, I donated the tees to a friend.

  7. Maura

    Golf, USA Cap is very top quality. The golf cap is made a very good, solid design and materials. This golf cap is made so your head can breath and keep cool when the sun is shinning really brightly. The cap is weather proof and keeps the rain away from your head too. The golf hat is adjustable so I would think it would fit most people. The golf cap is all black and has a bright shiny American flag patch in the front of it. The hat fits well and feels very nicely on my head. This golf cap comes with thirty tees that are very solid, good quality, ECO friendly and they are 15 X 2.75 long. These tees are various bright colors which make them really easy to see and spot from a long distance away. They are much bigger than any others I have had before, so much better. I love the hat it is nice looking, well made and keeps the heat and rain away from my head when I am golfing or just out and about.

  8. Thomas

    My 4th of July hat for jet skiing!! Nice material, great looks!! Should be great on the water! I don’t golf, so not sure what to do with the 30 tees!

  9. Gary

    Very nice cap that is made well of excellent materials and fits and looks great. The golf tees are a nice bonus.

  10. Happy Girl in the West

    I got this for my husband for a Fourth of July golf tournament that he will be playing in and it is perfect!! I am so glad that I found it on Amazon and as an added bonus there is a bag of golf tees to go with it!! The weight of this hat is awesome. It is light and will breath well on a hot day. It is almost a silky type of fabric that he has had on hats in the past. This kind of fabric washes well and doesn’t show stains like the cotton hats do. It is also the baseball style cap that he prefers so it is just perfect for him. I am pleased with the quality of this hat and know that he will get more use out of it besides the Fourth of July. I am also happy for him to show his pride in being an American and wearing and showing the flag with great pride. This will be a nice hat to wear when watching and cheering on the Americans during the summer Olympics this summer!! The adjuster in the back is really nice as well. It is the type with the buckle as opposed to the snap which I always think looks nicer than the plastic snaps. Love this hat and am super glad that I got it for my husband. It will be sure to bring him good luck at his golf tournament.

  11. Browser

    I really like this hat on my hubby. It’s well made, the patch is of good quality as well which is important. It seems waterproof which is important in my state. It has a mesh lining which is nice and fits just as I would expect it to. It has a buckle strap closure which makes it very adjustable.
    It feels good to wear your countries flag. Nice product, happy customer!

  12. Laura

    I was very pleased with this hat. My husband doesn’t golf but I have been looking for a nice flag hat.

  13. Ibram

    I got this golf cap set up for my uncle because he likes to play golf.
    My uncle really like this cap, and it looks really great on him.
    It’s Also comes with 30 golf tees and they are amazing quality.
    Really great stuff and it was the best gift for him.
    I highly recommend it.

  14. George Nadar

    I love the Cap. Sturdy and stylish.
    Good quality golf tees.

  15. Sean

    When I received this Cap, I really looked it over well. The Cap’s stitching on the cap itself is even stiches and without flaws. The stitching on the US Flag is really nice, even and good quality. And I did not notice when I looked at it in the ADD that it does not have that plastic snap piece in the back to size the hat. I really like the way this Cap adjusts in the back with the way it stretches and has the buckle clasp to adjust the size to make it fit properly. This is much better than the plastic type closer=better quality. The Cap is navy blue and the thirty golf tees that come with it are a nice plus.

    My grandpa has this thing about the baseball style caps, so I thought this would be a great gift. And it was a big hit! He loves it. And it fits him perfectly. I am so glad that I gave this to him. Now I need to get one for my brother and me. The Cap is very good quality in my opinion.

  16. Chelsey H.

    The hat fit pretty well. It is a nice quality hat. The t’s are t’s. They work well but break easily. So buy more for the hat. It does make a nice gift for any occasion though.

  17. Alex A.

    This hat is very nice and works good for golfing. The material is perfect for hot days and is breathable so it doesn’t just have your head collecting sweat like other hats. It fits very nicely with a nice adjustable strap to tighten or loosen if you need to. It is also a water resistant material which is very nice. Will be using this cap from now on for golfing. It is now in with the golfing stuff. It’s also nice it came with some tees too. The tees are pretty good. They are not the best you can get but they are not he real cheap ones either. The packaged arrived very fast and undamaged. Very happy with my purchase.
    I love this item we received through amazon prime. This is not the first one we got. I have been ordering them for gifts for friends and family. I use it on my watermelon and cantelope and honey dew. It works great on all of them. I love how there is no waste of melon when using this. It goes right down to the rind without getting the rind. It’s also great that there is no mess when using it. I no longer put off cutting up fruit. This use to be a problem in the house everyone I’ll eat if it’s cut up but nobody wants to cut it up cause it takes so much time. Now it’s not a problem. I can cut up a watermelon in 5 minutes or less. It’s also nice cause the kids can do it too. I have found that the best way to use these cutters is to hold the curve downwards (like in a “M” shape) and slice into the middle of a watermelon that’s been sliced in half. Don’t cut all the way through at first, cut about half way in, then flip the utensil over (lie as in a “U” shape) to pull the pieces of watermelon out. It is dishwasher safe so nice for washing. I also like this one over some of the others because of the silicone handle so your hand doesn’t slip.

  18. Inkarty

    This hat has become a favorite for my husband. I was impressed by the quality of this product.

  19. CC

    The hat is an instant classic. Was great for the summer with all of the American Holidays. It fits well and is adjustable. The Tees were pretty standard for what you would expect for a tee. They hold the ball.

  20. James Pittz

    Love the hat, the material is very lightweight, solid construction. Best of all it is not a snap back type of hat so the fit is snug and adjustable.
    Great Product.

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